THPA Executive Committee Members

Carl Haynes - THPA SAFA Representative

Carl Haynes

THPA SAFA Representative
Im a big advocate for ground-handling, and social non-flying paragliding events, on top of flying as much as possible. I started flying in 2016 doing my license course with Godfrey at Fly Manilla, flew as much as possible over the next two years then I spent most of 2019 being a para bum up the east coast of Australia and concentrating around Rainbow beach. 2020 is my first year on the THPA committee. I am hoping to concentrate on helping the newbie pilot experience, and some minor housekeeping upgrades at some of our launches.
Cyril Scomparin - Safety Committee Chairperson

Cyril Scomparin

Safety Committee Chairperson
Safety Committee - Chairperson, Senior Safety Officer - PG
Terry Dalby - Treasurer

Terry Dalby

I have been in the sport for just over a year. I found my way here like many people because of a love of all things that involve wind, including sailing. If Im not in the air then Im on the water. I look forwards to the expansion of our association this year and hope that I can be helpful in that progress.
Brad Harris - President

Brad Harris

I've been flying things my whole life. My dad was a fanatical RC model flier so it was inevitable that I'd start there, flying solo at age 10 and was immediately drawn to the challenge of flying gliders, eventually going on to be Australian champion in RC Thermal Gliding in my 20's. As a teen I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to fly full-size fixed wing (16-seat twin engine) and helicopters for "work experience" in my school holidays. I have also been heavily into outdoorsy/adventure sports. Paragliding seemed like the ideal combination of outdoor sports and flying. I got my PG licence in early 2020 and have been flying every moment possible since. I'd like to encourage pilots to embrace the adventure side of our sport, even if that's just walking up Lemon instead of driving! I'm passionate about finding new sites and flying XC.
steven Kent - Ordinary Member Representative

steven Kent

Ordinary Member Representative
Benjamin Veasey - Vice President

Benjamin Veasey

Vice President
As I entered this world into a pothole in a parking lot outside of a pub late one night, it is no surprise that my life has been an adventure. Whether skipping school to adventure with my dad (a ski patroller and mountain guide), going on solo mountaineering adventures from the age of 10, commercial fishing in Alaska, or asleep on the couch, I am usually in my element. Naturally paragliding is an evolution of the wild at heart and has opened a whole new world of new friendships, successes and failures, heart-warmth and heart break, adventure and of course constant learning and discipline. I hope that volunteering with THPA is another great adventure and to pass on what I have learnt to the benefit of the association and fellow members.
Luke Thomson - Membership Officer

Luke Thomson

Membership Officer
Paragliding has been a dream for so long. After seeing plenty of Youtube videos, I finally did a tandem while in Bali and loved it, but needed to be in control :) As soon as borders opened I went and got my PG2 and it didn't disappoint. I've had plenty of other hobbies and still do. Snowboarding, diving, enduro motorbiking. But this is one that seems to be taking priority. I'd love to eventually progress towards PG5 and Hike and Fly. But also love the coast for all it has to offer. I feel that this is a sport where you really start to take control of your own progress pretty early on in the piece. Learning from the other pilots as much as possible. There is a wealth of knowledge out there, plenty of it amongst our Tasmanian pilots. So I'm keen to just keep learning as much as I can and keep having fun.

Other THPA Volunteers


Cyril Scomparin

Senior Safety Officer - Paragliding
Safety Committee - Chairperson, Senior Safety Officer - PG

Ramon Brasnja

Senior Safety Officer - Paragliding
PG5, VHF, Ground Tow, Speed Wing, Tandem, Instructor, Specific Delegated Authority (SDA) for Check-Flight Assessment, Senior Safety Officer - PG

Cath Deacon

Safety Officer - Paragliding
PG5, VHF, Ground Tow, Oxygen, Safety Officer - PG

Luke Denniss

Safety Officer - Paragliding
PG4, VHF, Speed Wing, Specific Delegated Authority (SDA) Mini Wing, THPA AIRS Manager, Safety Officer - PG

Simon Allen

Senior Safety Officer - Paragliding

Mark Harrison

Safety Officer - Hang Gliding
I grew up in southern Tasmania and had dreams of hang gliding from childhood. With aviation running in the blood of the family, I was the first Harrison to venture into free flight, taking up hang gliding 7 years ago. My favourite tassie flying sites are Mt Wellington and Tunbridge, and liken thermal flying to surfing waves in the sky. Outside of flying I love skiing, surf ski paddling, surfing and windsurfing. I have a young family which has made me all the more diligent on my pre-flight checks and balances!

Brandan Sills

Safety Officer - Hang Gliding
HG-Intermediate, PG-PG2, VHF, Safety Officer - HG