THPA Information For Visiting Pilots

THPA Membership For Visiting Pilots Encompasses The Following:-

⋇ The majority of the flying sites in Tasmania exist upon private land and are only retained through personal relationships with the landowners and managers. We endeavour to thank our landowners with gifts from time to time, and as the budget allows.

⋇ We have negotiated access agreements with land managers for THPA member access - not for general public access

⋇ Of our regularly flown sites only 2 are on public land – and we still actively manage those sites to ensure continued access.

⋇ Single Hill our most flown site in the south of the state is subject to a strict flight instrument – an agreement with CASA that requires every pilot flying to be inducted, and to sign paperwork that is recorded for the instrument.

⋇ Some of our sites require contact with land managers the day before flying, and they do not wish for their contact details to be made public outside the assigned THPA contact people.

⋇ Sites may be closed with no notice outside of the THPA member area. Membership ensures access to current information.

⋇ Tasmania has no further site fees or club level memberships – joining the THPA is the only membership or fee requirement to fly in Tasmania.

⋇ Membership fees assist with the maintenance, data plans and expansion of the THPA owned weather station network.

⋇ THPA Membership connects you with the local flying community.


Membership Periods & Pricing

⋇ Memberships for visiting pilots are offered on the following basis:

⋇ 2 weeks $20

⋇ 1 month $40

⋇ 1 year $75

You can sign up using the join link at the top right of the screen. Once we have received your membership request, we will manually activate your access to the member portal. You will then be able to login and will be provided with additional information via email as well.