Why Join The THPA?

There are many very good reasons for both resident pilots and visiting pilots to join the Tasmania Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (THPA). The primary reason lies in the reasoning that the THPA is heavily invested in supporting members in gaining and maintaining access to THPA managed sites. Thus in return the THPA needs the support of all pilots who wish to fly in the state so that we can continue to acquire new sites along with maintaining the existing ones.

The THPA establishes and maintains positive relationships with landowners to ensure our members are able to enjoy continued access to the various THPA managed sites within Tasmania.

Some of the tasks performed by the THPA include:

1. establishing and maintaining relationships with the landholders of the sites from which we launch

2. provide “thank you gifts” to stakeholders.

3. managing the preparation, maintenance or improvements to our sites as necessary;

4. administering the association;

5. improving and promoting the sports in Tasmania;

6. acting as a unified voice for our members.

7. investment in and maintenance of our growing weather station network and associated mobile data plans.

The THPA Committee of Management (THPA CoM) is comprised of volunteer members of the THPA.
These members act on behalf of all THPA members in accordance with the requirements of the THPA constitution








How Do I Join The THPA?

If you are new to the sports of flying and are currently at the point of learning to fly, your first step is to attend the appropriate training course and acquire your licence relevant to the sport you are pursuing – be it paragliding, hang gliding, powered paragliding or microlight flight.

Once you hold your SAFA licence - and of course for all current SAFA licenced pilots – you may then sign up (from the JOIN button top right on home page) for either resident pilot THPA membership, or a visiting pilot membership if you are from interstate or overseas.

Membership fees for visiting pilots are:

2 weeks - $20
1 month - $40
1 year - $75

New-to-Tassie pilots will have to pay visiting pilot fees until August of that year. Once you notify SAFA that you are a Tasmanian resident, your membership will be included in your SAFA licence fee from August on.

If you are an overseas licenced visiting pilot - you will need to first gain your SAFA visiting pilot licence by clicking here.

We look forward to meeting you on a Tassie hill sometime soon!.