Pilot Resources

Here are some helpful websites and documents, especially for newer pilots.

Newbie Nights - Short videos on different topics from the Q&A sessions for beginners run by the THPA
Fly With Greg - Greg Hamerton - both free and more extensive paid content covering the full progression from "just out of school" to advanced XC flying
FlyBubble Paragliding - Good reviews and instructional content
Cloudbase Mayhem - Gavin McClurg - Podcasts with the world's top pilots
Ground Handling Challenge - Andre Banderra - A comprehensive course for progression
Share My Joys - Nick Neynens - X-Alps and sailplane pilot
Dust of the Universe - Ziad Bassil - Paraglider reviews and comparison tables

WINDY - wind and weather forecast (available as an app for phone as well)
WINDY WEATHER APP BASICS - a guide to reading weather with the free Windy app. 
SKYSIGHT - wind, weather, thermal forecast and route planning (paid)
RASP TAS - thermal forecast
METEO BLUE - Wind and Weather forecast with Aviation section (available as an app for phone as well)
SEABREEZE - Wind, wave and tide forecasts and LIVE readings (great for coastall sites and kunanyi/Mt Wellington)

The HOLFUY APP is available for phones as well and allows Favourite stations to display on one page.

Fly With Greg - Instructional videos from beginner to XC
Andre Bandarra - Paragliding flight, ground handling, soaring techniques, packing, gear care.
Theo DeBlic - Wing control instruction from ground handling and basic flight through to acro
Flybubble Paragliding - Instructional videos and gear reviews
Tim Pentreath - XC videos with explanations of thought processes. UK-based, so very similar to Tasmanian conditions.
Benjamin Kellett - XC and Vol-Biv videos with talk-through. NZ-based in the South Island Alps
Ziad Bassil - Glider flight-tests comparing to similar gliders (no dialogue but has info pop-ups)
Sebastian Bbenz  - Amazing XC 360 videos . Alps-based

Pete Helliwell - NZ-based comp pilot
Steve Cook - UK-based XC 
Darren Brown - UK based comp pilot and instruction
Sam Washburn - Safety and Guidance for Intermediate HG pilots

Rich Dolan - World-travelling PPG pilot (crossed Australia)
Tucker Gott - US-based (does some crazy stuff)
Trevor Steele - US-based with some good instructional content

NZHPA Safety Taskforce findings - Great insight into which accidents happen and why, with recommendations to prevent them
Garmin/Spot users list - For Tasmanian pilots (need to be logged in to Google first)
AirCheck - Airspace map and infringement checker
HighCloud - Pilot locator map (choose Tasmania from top tabs)
NOTAM - location and Area Notice to Airmen service (register and login required)

XContest - International online competition league
XC Australia - Online competition league
AirTribune - World competition organisation
CIVL - Freeflying competition organisers
TurnPoint Challenge - Fun competition to tag points on the landscape

Brad's windy colour scheme for paragliding

Watch the 20-minute video on how to use Windy here

The default colours for wind speeds aren't very informative for paragliding, with most of our flyable speeds all in the blue range. This setup will provide more information at aglance.
Blues will represent good thermalling conditions, Greens are for soaring ridges, Orange is for mini wings and hang gliders.
Copy the settings here and copy them to import them (or copy and paste from below), or you can go into Settings -->Custom Colour Scale and type them in manually.