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Newbie Nights - Q&A session for low-hour pilots - #3 - May 13th

   13 May 2024       By: Brad Harris

With so many new pilots appearing on the scene in the last year or so, I thought it’d be great to help them all get through the “awkward phase” of flying when you have lots of questions but don’t know who to ask.
So, we have been holding Q&A nights for Newbie pilots where they can ask a panel of experienced pilots anything they want to know!
We will start the night with a topic selected by the panel and share what we have learned over the years, and then the floor is open to ask anything you want.
It could be to do with weather, aerodynamics, instruments, harness setup, navigation, how to pee in the air… whatever!

Will be held at Simon Allen's
When: 13 May 2024 at 6pm.
Where: 27 Mortyn Pl, Howrah 
Please RSVP to Brad on  0428626470
Bring drinks, an inquisitive mind, your gear if you have a question about it and $10 for pizzas.