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XC League awards night

   12 Aug 2023       By: Brad Harris

We have seen some fantastic flights happening all over Tassie last year. It is time to (further) recognise and celebrate last year's achievements.

Steven Kent will be presenting the results of 1) the XC league (with the annual trophy), 2) the best non-free distance flight (FAI, Flat triangle, out and return), 3) the best-declared task flight, 4) FLY hard award (most improved personal best flight), 5) novice pilot of the season and 6) the Pilots pilot award (to be voted on the night, or send a name to Steven if you can't make it).

Mike Long will distribute the FAI badges to people that qualify.

Cyril Scomparin will be presenting the results of the Turnpoint challenge.

Because it is not all about numbers, we would also like to share some amazing xc flights that happened during the year and participate significantly in our understanding of the XC tassie scene. we'd encourage other people to come up with some flights they'd like to discuss or just show some pictures.

RSVP as soon as possible, even if it's a maybe, so we have an idea of the numbers. Send a message to Cyril (0434819115).
The venue: TBA, depending on the number of people.